1. Community Administrator

    FEATURED ARTISAN | Wild Wolf Miniatures, Big Timber, Montana

    Gideon Wolf needed a retirement pastime and was inspired by the miniature woodwork of Montana Senator, Orvin B. Fjare. Fjare had a full life and career and lived to be 93. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Fjare was persuaded by his wife, Sigrid, to make the dollhouse she always...
  2. Community Administrator

    FEATURED ARTISAN | Sue Veeder, Madison, Wisconsin

    Sue Veeder is an IGMA Fellow specializing in custom cats, dogs, stained glass and painting. Animals Each animal is hand-sculpted from Super Sculpey, then meticulously hand-painted to capture your pet’s personality. Send photos of your pet, and they will be returned with your order. Stained Glass Individually cut from clear...
  3. Community Administrator

    FEATURED ARTISAN | PRD Miniatures, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Designer Paris Renfroe started his full-size custom furniture business in San Francisco, California in the summer of 2002. He has been marketing 1:12 scale models of his modern furniture designs since 2008, and the rest (as they say) is history. Paris is making mini history as he sets the pace...
  4. Leanne Heintz

    SHOW ME THE MINIS | Tom Bishop International 2013, Chicago, Illinois

    This year’s Tom Bishop Chicago International Show was outstanding. Dealers from around the world came to sell their amazing miniature works of art. The magic actually started on Monday, April 15th with workshops given by artisans throughout the week. Friday brought the very exciting exclusive preview event and sale. Saturday and Sunday...
  5. C. Edwards

    MINI CENTRAL | Miniature Designs, Lawrenceville, Georgia

    “I’m not afraid to shop all over the world, finding the best price for the best product,” says Beverly Simon owner of Miniature Designs, a self-proclaimed “miniature heaven” in Lawrenceville, Georgia. And that fearlessness has paid off as her 4000 foot showroom features dollhouses of all shapes and sizes, eye-popping...

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