1. Leanne Heintz

    MODEL LIFE | Admirer Leanne Heintz, Cumming, Georgia

    My exposure to miniatures clearly started with my friend Gwendolyn Faye. Of course, I thought she was crazy for crying when she would get a package of tiny chairs in the mail. She brought her miniature scenes into the office, and I became intrigued by the room box decorated as...
  2. Leanne Heintz

    MODEL LIFE | Admirer Megan Heintz, Cumming, Georgia

    When I first thought about miniatures, I thought they were for old lonely people, but when I saw the real things people made, I thought it was amazing. Everything from food, to gardens and chairs. It all looks real! I just want to shrink myself down so I can explore...
  3. Leanne Heintz

    MODEL LIFE | Admirer Braden Heintz, Cumming, Georgia

    When Leanne first asked me to do some research on miniatures, I thought it would be kind of boring. So, one day I looked up miniatures on Google images. As I scrolled down, most of it looked like old lady stuff, but then I discovered the world’s largest miniature airport....
  4. C. Edwards

    PINPOINT | David Iriarte, Spain

    Coming from twelve generations of Spanish carpenters, David Iriarte has been carving out a place for himself in the miniature scene in the last few years with his limited edition made-to-order reproductions of 18th Century French decorative arts. His work is an opulent pastiche of Louis XV, Rococo and Swedish Gustavian...

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