1. Leanne Heintz

    TRAVEL | Mini Mission Road Trip by Leanne Heintz

    Finding that perfect mini is a mission possible worth travelling for. This installment of Mini Mission Road Trip chronicles our travels through Tennessee & Kentucky to experience the mini attractions along the way! We had hoped to get to a miniature store in Kentucky and the Great American Dollhouse Museum...
  2. Christopher Captain

    112th & Main | Georgian House 2: Tim Campbell & Philip Nimmo

    Tim Campbell designed the first floor and exterior to have a transitional and modern look. The design uses a color scheme of creams and blues for a fresh look. Credits go to Soane Britain, Merida Meridian, and Canyon Interior for their contributions to the design. Philip Nimmo designed the second...
  3. Christopher Captain

    112th & Main | Italianate House 1: Lonni Paul & Adam Hunter

    Lonni Paul designed the entry, dining room, and great room. While living in Italy, she was drawn to the more modern interiors of centuries-old homes and designed the house with a mix of timeless elegance and a modern Italian sensibility. The color scheme includes blues and silvers in the great...
  4. Christopher Captain

    112th & Main | Modern House 2: Jim Magni & Joan Behnke

    Jim Magni designed the first floor containing a living room, dining room/kitchen, and outdoor Zen garden including a water feature in “Magni Modernism,” combining modern, art deco, Asian, and contemporary designs together for a look all its own. In keeping with the modern look of the home the rooms are...

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