1. Amelia Schmelzer

    FOOD HISTORY 101 | Ice Cream

    In my time running Mini Food Tutorials, I have seen countless talented miniaturists, both professional and hobbyist, try their hand at polymer clay to great success! The best thing about miniature food is that you can always fit more into your dollhouse—unlike another sofa. Last month, I took you on...
  2. Amelia Schmelzer

    FOOD HISTORY 101 | Prohibition and Cocktails

    You would not put a refrigerator in a Tudor dollhouse, would you? I’m guessing the answer is, “No.” But you may not feel so confident when choosing the food for your miniature scene. I have been making miniatures in dollhouse scales for almost nine years,  but I have been eating...
  3. Leanne Heintz

    DOLLHOUSE 101 | Use a Dollhouse Kit Or Build My Own?

    By Stephanie Watson Dollhouse crafting is a fun hobby for any crafter, builder, or architect at heart. One of the first questions that you should ask yourself is: should I build a dollhouse from scratch, or use a dollhouse kit? We have a couple of recommendations that will help in...
  4. Leanne Heintz

    WHO’S BIG IN SMALL? | Our Top Picks From Around the World

    There is so much mini magic going on in the world, and at Smallisimo, we are always searching for it. When we find that special combination of passion and perfection, we have to share. Bloggers everywhere provide a vital service. They open a window into their mini worlds while giving...

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