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Teresa Layman specializes in 1:12 scale needlework, and her love of all things tiny began at the age of 10 when her best friend got a dollhouse for Christmas. For nine years, Teresa has been designing miniature knotwork kits and building custom storybook style structures. Her company, Teresa Layman Designs, has been around for about 14 years. It was created when Teresa became a licensed designer for the Vogue pattern company in 1992. Her collection of Vogue designs includes exquisite children’s clothing, doll clothes and a diverse array of craft patterns.

The company emerged in it’s current form in 2003 when Teresa was building a doll’s house and needed a miniature “hooked” rug. Since needlework is one of her stronger talents, she started with a needle and thread, an encyclopedia of embroidery stitches and what she thought would be a year’s worth of stitching. Much to her surprise, the little rug that was created was not only a very convincing, scale replica of a hooked rug, but also had been very easy to make and was finished in just a few days! So she made some more, this time experimenting with other knots to see just how fine she could get them.

Teresa’s friend, Richard Palan, encouraged her to make kits for her minute creations and take them to a miniatures show to sell. They were very well received, so she was in business.

In a quest to find the tiny needles to include in those kits, Teresa took her samples to her local needlework shop, and now she her passion for fine details is translated into miniature needlework kits designed for the dollhouse miniature industry.


Teresa Layman, Princess of Knot-A-Lot
Teresa Layman Designs
8 White Oak Lane
Warren, CT 06754
860 868-0764

Email: teresa@teresalayman.com

Website: teresalayman.com

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