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Karen Aird has been making and selling miniatures for just over 20 years. A love of miniatures came from growing up in the business with a little help from the family. Karen’s grandmother, Marion Jantz, was a self taught glassblower from New Jersey, who taught Karen many lessons in the miniature world.

Karen has owned a shop, currently sells retail and wholesale, and also promotes 2 shows a year in Warren, NJ to help continue the hobby for years to come. She’s continually creating new miniatures for sale, and always thinking outside the box. Looking at real life art inspires her to shrink it down in size for the miniature collector.

She enjoys making seasonal items, foods, lots of accessories and working with resin to make wonderful drinks. Her new passion is the creation of original laser designs, with the collaboration of artisan Lindsay Pastore of Small Scale Living to produce new and exciting products.

Please visit her website www.KarensDollhouse.com, as she’s adding new miniatures all the time, even special one of a kind items.  


Karen Aird Miniatures
PO Box 266
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Email: Karensdollhouseshop@yahoo.com

Website: www.karensdollhouse.com


Tiki Bar and Accessories

Food and Drinks
Halloween Decor
Other Fun 1:12 Scale Items


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