FEATURED ARTISAN | Dollhouse Lighting & Electrical by Creative Reproductions 2 Scale, Bedford, Indiana

Carl Sahlberg built his first dollhouse when he was in high school 55 years ago. He built three more dollhouses for his brother’s children. One of them was a reproduction of their lake house. Every room of the actual house had a working ceiling fan. Carl could not find a decent miniature fan that actually worked, so he made one. Another feature of the lake house was a really nice stone fireplace. When he could not find one that did it justice in miniature, he made one. Of course, the fireplace needed flickering logs, but there were none for sale. What did he do? He made one! That is how Creative Reproductions 2 Scale was born.

Carl set out to perfect his original ceiling fan and Log ‘n Flame designs. Along the way, he created remote-controlled garage door openers, landscape lights, and even a working elevator. For almost six years now, Carl has custom wired dollhouses and dioramas. He will even give you free advice for your electrical ideas. If you need more help than that, you can take one of his classes at miniature shows around the country or purchase his booklet on dollhouse wiring.

He graduated from Iowa State University in Industrial Education. He describes himself as a shop teacher that never taught. Instead, he started out in Electrical Engineering, and as a result, he has acquired a lot of practical knowledge with electricity. Through Creative Reproductions 2 Scale, Carl offers the most updated line of electrical components available for miniaturists. He will work with you to make sure that anything you purchase from him works perfectly, and he will create custom lighting options for you if he does not have what you need!

Carl Sahlberg
Creative Reproductions 2 Scale
365 Dr Austin Lane
Bedford, Indiana 47421
317 414-3921

Email: carl@cr2s.com

Website: cr2s.com

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