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JaNeen Lentsch has a love for architecture with an artistic touch, and that is how she describes the dollhouse hobby. She got her love of architecture from her father, Tom Berkner, and her artistic touch from her mother Kari’s example as a painter and potter. Armed with the best of both worlds, Earth and Tree Miniatures & Dollhouses opened in 1986 to sell Mom’s pottery and showcase a few of Dad’s handmade dollhouses. The dollhouses slowly became more popular, and over the years, Earth and Tree has had to change locations three times to accommodate the growth. For Kari Berkner, the transition from pottery to miniatures was easy, and the entire family has been serving the dollhouse miniature community together.

The Place for Dollhouses

JaNeen’s husband, Ryan, is carrying on the tradition by building his father-in-law’s dollhouse designs. They can build them for you, and they offer them as kits. They will even assemble the shells for you to decorate. You can take classes at Earth and Tree for everything–wiring, wallpapering, shingling, siding, flooring, you name it! And if it is just advice that you need, you can get that too. There is something for everyone at Earth and Tree. The Do-It-Yourselfer will find building materials and books and magazines for ideas. If you need a dollhouse renovated, you can get exactly what you want. You can even have a custom dollhouse built from scratch. Then, everything you need to fill it–from affordable to handmade artisan pieces–is at Earth and Tree!

JaNeen Lentsch, Manager
Earth And Tree Miniatures & Dollhouses
276 State Route 101, #1 Amherst, NH 03031
603 673-8707
Open 7 Days a Week

Email: staff@earthandtree.com

Website: earthntree.com/miniatures



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