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Susan Hatler has been designing and making miniatures for sale for 22 years. Three years before that, she saw a miniature jewelry box that her friend purchased and thought that it could be improved upon. She could see that the scale was off, so she made one smaller. That was so much fun that she just kept making more, including vanity items to match. Her friend showed her treasures to a prominent doll museum. To Susan’s delight, someone wanted to pay her for having fun.

After all these years, she is still not bored because there is always a new idea or a particular detail that she can use to realistically recreate lady’s accessories and accoutrements from a bygone era. Although her work spans the 1700s to the 1930s, Susan’s favorite era is the 18th century, when women’s fashions became extreme and exaggerated with the help of French Queen Marie Antoinette and her court. The details and flourishes were beyond belief for one woman to wear!

Susan’s love of history plays heavily into her creations. She tries to imagine how these ladies who came before us thought about the clothing and adornment they so eagerly pursued, the great lengths they went to, and even the discomfort they endured in the name of high fashion. To be able to recreate from a page of history is very rewarding for Susan. One of her favorite things to do is search for antique and vintage treasures. She incorporates these materials into her miniatures. She is constantly in search of the hard-to-come-by textiles. Sometimes the most unlikely link in a chain or design in a piece of metal is utilized to create the perfect miniature detail that adds realism.

Susan Hatler
Heirlooms By Susan
699 N. Vulcan Avenue, #113
Encinitas, CA 92024

Phone: 209-559-4337

Email: heirloomsbysusan@msn.com

Website: heirloomsbysusan.com


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