FEATURED ARTISAN | Dolly’s Gallery, Danville, Virginia

Gail of Dolly’s Gallery fell in love with all things mini at the age of 10–soon after Santa brought her first dollhouse. With only a limited amount of store-bought dollhouse furniture to fill the house, her imagination kicked in, and she started creating miniatures. She hasn’t stopped since!

For many years, she made dollhouse miniatures for just her own collection. Ten years ago she started selling them on eBay and then later on her own website. She works in quarter scale and half scale, but favors one inch scale. Since she lives in an area with no mini clubs or events, she enjoys meeting new friends with minis in common.

While working on minis, Gail gets to “escape into her own little world” that she enjoys so much. Gail likes to make items that are not so common in the mini world, and if you are looking for something you cannot find, if she doesn’t have it, chances are she can make it for you!

Gail Arrington
Dolly’s Gallery
Danville, Virginia

Email: smylin1964@yahoo.com

Website: dollysgallery.com

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