PINPOINT | Tine Krijnen, Miniatuur Boekbinden

Word of mouth is truly one of the most powerful forms of marketing there is. Friends will often say, “You have to meet __________.” Fill in the blank. They could be trying to hook you up on a date, or introduce you to a new stylist. Whoever it is, past disappointments may leave you underwhelmed about the opportunity. You could just find yourself overwhelmed in your life, and the thought of adding one more thing makes your head hurt.

Such was the case for me during Tom Bishop’s Atlanta Show. I was given a message before the show from Nicole Marble of Williamson Walton Marble telling me that I absolutely had to meet this woman from the Netherlands who was going to be in town. When I arrived at the show, Nicole did not hesitate to grab me by the hand to introduce me to that woman. She insisted that I videotape an interview with her.

[pull_quote align=”left”] I owe Nicole Marble a debt of gratitude for the introduction! [/pull_quote]My camera man was nowhere in sight, and I was reeling from the details of the Smallisimo 2.0 rebuild and sleep deprivation. So, even the thought of trying to do an interview was more than I could bear. I promised to return before the show was over to take pictures. I did not have the strength or brain cells for anything more.

As promised, I did return to Tine Krijnen’s table the next day. She showed me her pop-up books, and I had a change of heart. As usual, exposure to miniature genius snapped me right back into the small world that makes me get up each day. I realized that there was no way that still images would do them justice, and mini fans simply had to see this. Maybe I could just record her talking about a book? Several videos and still images later, it is safe to say that I am a bona fide Tine Krijnen groupie. You will be too after you watch the videos.[pull_quote align=”right”] …it is safe to say that I am a bona fide Tine Krijnen groupie. You will be too… [/pull_quote]

In 1995 Tine was asked to make a book for a doll. She says that she was captivated by it. As a result, she started Miniatuur Boekbinden in 2001. Her work should definitely be added to your miniature wish list, and if you are DIY-inclined, you will be giddy to know that she also offers kits. I owe Nicole Marble a debt of gratitude for the introduction!

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Pinpoint is a MEET Section profiling miniature artisans around the world.


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