PINPOINT | London’s Elaine Shaw & Her MiPad

The small things connect us, and no matter where you are in the world, you will find a mini fan. That is evidenced by Elaine Shaw’s design excellence in scale and her determination to apply a modern approach to her work. We at Smallisimo first learned of her when we set our eyes on the Clearview home, her first dollhouse.

Her inspiration came from the Art Deco architecture found in many Miami, Florida homes. Clearview has seven rooms and a terrace on the roof. It is no longer in production, but Elaine is back with her reimagined MiPad.

The genius behind Elaine Shaw’s MiPad is that adult collectors can now get one floor at a time to be stacked in whatever order they choose. How lovely! It is easy to assemble. Easy to display. And easy to love. Even children can play with MiPad because there are no extra small parts. You can learn more about Elaine Shaw, the Clearview Home, and MiPad from her Kickstarter campaign, and while you are there, why not pledge your support?

Pinpoint is a MEET Section profiling miniature artisans around the world.


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