MODEL LIFE | Sharer Ron Witherspoon, Atlanta, Georgia

Ron Witherspoon began his art career as a young child by building model racing cars and houses with Lincoln Logs. His bedroom was lined with his successes, a source of pride and a showcase of his love for creating small things in scale.

His creative talents spilled over to his Kodak Instamatic Camera acquired with Blue Chip Stamps his mother gave him. His mom said Ron could get whatever he wanted if he filled the stamps books. Searching the catalog he spotted the Kodak camera, and his eyes were fixed. He had to have that camera.

Ron became Papparazzi at the age of 12. He focused his camera lens on family and church members, classmates and neighborhood kids. He even photographed his racing cars!

By the time he was ready for college, Ron had expanded his desire to create with the alto saxophone by playing in school bands through middle and high school. His creative addiction in full bloom, he thought the department of radio, television and journalism at San Francisco State University was a good fit for his creative aspirations.

Exposed to the all aspects of the media at the University, Ron excelled in radio production. As a student he worked at several radio stations playing jazz, rhythm and blues and rock-formatted music. For his TV production classes he always merged his photography into his productions. A camera was always close by.

As a former military photojournalist, Ron traveled throughout North America, Central America, South America and parts of Canada. As a civilian photojournalist, Ron has spent time in South Africa and the U.S. Virgin Islands creating imagery for clients. At the age of 50 Ron decided to earn his Master in Fine Arts in Photography, so he did.

Ron was recently exposed to 1:12 scale miniatures by his wife. Her craze and passion for miniatures was obviously contagious, and now he is creating his photography and paintings in miniature to share with the miniature world. His first piece was claimed, or “acquired” by his wife.

He says, “Her pod looked better with my art on the wall.”


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