MODEL LIFE | Creator Margaret Jones, Atlanta, Georgia

Born in Long Island, New York to a family with five brothers and a sister, Margaret Jones moved to Atlanta in 1979 to live with her aunt where she got her Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude in Communications. She became an intern at Atlanta’s Channel 11 and ended up staying there for 10 years as an award-winning producer. When she felt the need to do something else, she moved to Dallas, Texas and began working for the United Negro College Fund producing the Lou Rawls Parade of Stars. From there, she flew to Los Angeles once a month for production meetings, meeting celebrities and having a great time. When UNCF reorganized, she moved to Virginia and later back to Atlanta where she retired in 2000.

Growing up, Margaret saw that her father and brother, Frank, could build anything. Her family moved into the house that her father built when she was 16 years old. She discovered that she too had an instinct for knowing what to do with tools, and she developed a love of design and architecture because her father had a library of magazines and books on building that contained floor plans. They were all over the place. Margaret could not resist them. As she read, she got ideas and imagined. She has put her skills to use remodeling her own home, though she never had the money to build one from scratch.  So, she channeled her love of design, her fascination with architecture and her ability to handle a tool into her passion for dollhouse miniatures.

So, she channeled her love of design, her fascination with architecture and her ability to handle a tool into her passion for dollhouse miniatures. But, you will not find Margaret taking a workshop or studying anyone else’s techniques. She just builds what she loves – French doors, long, big windows, and more – into customized spaces in her dollhouses and room boxes.

The Victorian beauty featured below is the result of over a decade of handiwork and taking advantage of every business trip during her career to locate miniature treasures at shows all over the country. She has masterfully put those pieces to use in her own Painted Lady-inspired dollhouse. She started with a kit and expanded from there. Margaret’s attention to detail is enthralling. You could spend hours gazing into each room discovering one moment after another in every corner of this house. She loves the process, but once she is done, she will sell her project to fund the next one. So, visit the Smallisimo Almost Real Estate Premium Section if you are interested in purchasing this treasure. We cannot wait to see what she creates next!

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  1. Margaret,
    You house is magnificent! Such lovely rooms, beautifully designed, and lavishly furnished! I’m in awe! You have certainly proven that the influence of your father and brothers was excellent indeed! Thank you so much for your story and the fantastic photos of your amazing mini home!

  2. I think this is my favorite one. I love the little basket with the clothespins in it that’s tipped over with a few on the floor in the messy laundry room. So amazing. While looking at the photos, I made up a family (in my mind) to live there. Thanks for the trip.

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