TRAVEL | The Majesty of London’s Lakeland Miniature Village

Off Winder Lane in a quiet residential neighborhood of Lake District in Flookburgh, England sits an unassuming house with a secret. There are no signs posted out front, so it can be easily missed if you do not know where to look. But behind the home of retired builder Edward Robinson lies the scale miniature village of Lakeland. For over 20 years, Robinson labored to model and build Lakeland’s approximately 100 miniature buildings after famous landmarks in the UK. The entire miniature village is situated among Robinson’s garden with miniature ponds, miniature bridges and even an oriental-inspired miniature garden and tea house.

For a small entrance fee, visitors can walk the large cobblestones and rustic pathway slabs to observe and analyze the handiwork of Robinson. His passion for detail is evident in every piece of slate, which was locally sourced, used to create this miniature majesty. In front of each miniature building in Lakeland Village is signage with the building’s history so anyone can learn about its story while on the tour. The entire tour of Lakeland Miniature Village averages between 45 minutes to an hour in length.

Photos Courtesy of Lakeland Miniature Village.

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