ART | Lisa Renfroe, Painter

Lisa Renfroe has always had an interest in art throughout her life. She began painting at an early age and likes to work in different mediums – from watercolors to oils to acrylics. Her style is abstract modern, and most of her recent work is achieved using the palette knife. She began to paint in miniature in 2010 at the request of her husband, Paris Renfroe, owner and designer of PRD Miniatures. There were many challenges – from finding the right surface, to new tools in order to scale her large, full-sized paintings from 5 feet x 8 feet to a mere 5 inches.  She found that the creative process was still the same, and her inspiration is derived from the natural elements of water, earth, and sky. The rich, vivid hues in her paintings are achieved by using and mixing similar colors and starting with a base of primary colors. She served as the Vice President for three years at the largest non profit gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota, and was responsible for curating the gallery’s local and national juried shows.

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Art is a LIVE Section series of articles showcasing scale miniature art.

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