LITTLE LESSONS | Paint a Realistic Tree Trunk

Small Scale Living has collaborated with to develop the Treehouse Collection. Beginning with the Infinitree 2-Story Kit, we have designed a series of products that appeal to children and adult collectors. The Infinitree Treehouse is laser-cut and notched for easy assembly. It comes with two 3D printed tree trunks. The following is a tutorial on how to realistic bark to your plastic trees.


Step 1: Spread a thin layer of  grout over the entire tree trunk body. Try not to get any on the top or bottom.

STEP 2: Once dry, sand or scrape off any grout that might have gotten on the top or bottom of the tree trunk.


STEP 3:  Paint the tree trunk with a shade of dark brown.

Once dry, go back and lightly dust on different shades such as light brown or green.


STEP 4: To add extra realness to your tree trunk, you can glue little dry pieces of moss onto it.

Look at pictures of real trees for inspiration on bark color and moss placement.


Any questions? Just reach out to me through my Pinpoint Directory listing.

Little Lessons is a LEARN Section series of articles featuring scale miniatures tutorials.

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