Sell More Minis is a content marketing site providing those in the mini business with many targeted ways to reach mini fans and sell more minis. We have designed our marketing programs for every segment of the scale miniature market. Check them out below, and see which ones are right for you!


The creators of, Gwendolyn Edwards and Leanne Heintz, are business coaches and marketers with over 50 years of combined experience. They are on a mission to share this exciting hobby and art form with the masses to revitalize the industry for everyone involved. You will find a growing directory of free resources and guidebooks in the Smallisimo Marketing Center to help you sell more minis, and if you need even more help, just let us know.

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Free Programs

You can market yourself and your business through our free programs. Access resources and guidebookss for free in the Smallisimo Marketing Center to get the help you need to master the online marketplace. We will provide compelling content, conduct contests and promotions, and increase our marketing efforts to continually increase our audience of mini fans and registered Community members. We hope you will be a part of it so that mini fans can find you!

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Community-Featured-Image_303px-wideOur miniature-specific, social network is designed to help mini fans connect with each other free of charge. Join for free. Post your events for free in the Community Calendar. Comment on articles. Form groups. Start discussions. Share your photos. Create photo albums. Link to your website, social media sites, Etsy shop, and more…all for free.

Connecting with mini fans is even rewarding. Earn littleREWARDS Achievement Badges & Ranks as you build your mini empire. You will reach the rank of miniMOGUL in no time. There’s no limit to what you can say and do in the Smallisimo Community, as long as you are talking about miniatures and spreading the joy!

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Classifieds-Featured-Image_303-px-wideOur miniature-specific, online classifieds marketplace is a way for mini fans to connect with each other to sell their extra minis for just .99 cents for a basic listing and 1.49 for a featured listing. What’s even better is you can purchase a Membership Pack and get up to 100 ads per year for one low price–$69 for basic and $99 for featured.

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Smallisimo-Studio-Featured-Image_303pxAre you having trouble getting quality images of your projects, effectively telling your story, or uploading your files? The Smallisimo Studio was created to take the pressure off so you can do what you do best–make and sell minis. We bring the Smallisimo Studio to miniature shows around the country, and when you subscribe to one of our Premium Programs, we will take studio-quality photos of up to nine products, write your company description, and upload your files for free.

Additional Smallisimo Studio services include:

  • In-Studio Product Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Printing – Business Cards, Flyers, Postcards, Brochures & more…



Low-Cost Programs

Take your miniature marketing to the next level with professional tools to sell and promote your miniature products. Instead of being completely responsible for promoting your miniature business, you will benefit from the promotion of a collective marketplace. Make sure your products are there for mini fans to find!

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Auctions-Featured-Image_303pxOur miniature-specific, online auctions site is where you conduct your estate sales and auctions of rare and one-of-a-kind miniatures. We will even host special auctions to raise money for our smallGESTURES Youth Initiative to get young people involved in dollhouse miniatures. COMING SOON


[toggle_box title=”Expand the reach of your shows with Smallisimo’s Virtual Show Program.” width=”Width of toggle box”]

Smallisimo-Virtual-Show-Featured-Image_303pxEveryone benefits with the Smallisimo Virtual Show Program! Mini fans can get the most out of every dollhouse miniature show, whether they can be there or not. Show producers get additional ticket revenue that they would not have gotten and the opportunity to add extra value to their dealers at no additional charge. Show dealers get to expand their customer base and sell more minis!

Anyone can afford this:

  • Mini fans can pay the Preview price per show for scheduled access to Virtual Salesrooms during the Show weekend, or an annual subscription for special discounts.
  • Show producers split the Preview price ticket revenue with Smallisimo, and we do all the rest!
  • There is no charge for Show Dealers to provide 5-10 items for sale in the Virtual Salesroom, and they pay a fee of 10% when their item sells.

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[toggle_box title=”Sell your handmade or original minis in the artisan miniMARKET.” width=”Width of toggle box”]
miniMARKET-Featured-Image_303pxThe Smallisimo miniMARKET is the place for online artisan Boutiques. Sell your handmade or original miniature designs for just $19.99 a month or $199 a year, plus 3% of sales.

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[toggle_box title=”Showcase your brick & mortar or online store in the retail miniMALL.” width=”Width of toggle box”]

MiniMall-Image_303pxThe Smallisimo miniMALL features brick & mortar and online retail miniature stores.

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Premium Programs

The artisans and retailers that participate in Smallisimo Premium Programs get maximum exposure. We actively promote Premium Programs and the participants in our social media campaigns and newsletters. These programs are accessible directly from the Main Menu on every page, and they also receive premium Home Page exposure. We are always developing additional ways to highlight Premium Program subscribers.

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Featured-Artisan-Featured-Image_303pxArtisans receive a page with a featured image, description, contact information, and gallery. Includes premium Home Page exposure and Sidebar advertising.

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[toggle_box title=”Featured Retailer Program” width=”Width of toggle box”]

Featured-Retailer-Featured-Image_303Retail and online stores receive a page with featured image, description, contact information, and gallery. Includes premium Home Page exposure and Sidebar advertising.

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[toggle_box title=”Almost Real Estate Premium” width=”Width of toggle box”]
Almost-Real-Estate-Featured-Image_303pxWhat happens when you get a new room box or dollhouse? You need to buy more minis! Register as a Vendor, and list your room boxes and dollhouses for sale on a commission or subscription basis. This Premium section will receive maximum exposure in our marketing and social media channels. You can even find links in the Sidebar of almost every page of, and shoppers can take advantage of PayPal’s Bill Me Later service interest-free for six months!

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[toggle_box title=”Premium Calendar Listing” width=”Width of toggle box”]

Premium-Calendar-Listing-Image_303pxThe Smallisimo Calendar lists miniHAPPENINGS from around the world. Our Premium Calendar Listings receive a page with a featured image, description, gallery, event details and contact information. Includes premium Home Page exposure.

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Advertising & Sponsorship Programs

You can use Smallisimo banner and sidebar ads to drive traffic to your website, Etsy page, social media accounts, Smallisimo Community Profile or Featured Page. Click here to see our advertising rates.

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Your company or organization can serve as a Section Sponsor. Section Sponsorship includes Header Ad and Sidebar Ads for either the LIVE, MEET, LEARN, or SHOP sections. Your advertising message will be seen on the Section Front Page and all Section Articles. We will even work with you to plan content that will help tell your story and give your advertising more exposure.



The Smallisimo Almost Real Estate Premium is the ultimate online marketplace for selling room boxes and dollhouses. This program includes innovative co-op advertising  and rewards components that help wholesalers and manufacturers provide extra value to their retailers.



The Smallisimo Classifieds Section is a miniature-specific, online classifieds marketplace. This program includes prominent ad placements throughout.



The Smallisimo Auctions Section is a miniature-specific, online auctions site. It’s the perfect place to sell dollhouse miniature estates, list rare and one-of-a-kind items, and conduct charity auctions to benefit a favorite cause. This program includes prominent ad placements throughout.



The Smallisimo Virtual Show Section extends the reach of popular dollhouse miniatures shows around the globe. This program includes prominent ad placements throughout.


[toggle_box title=”Site Sponsorship” width=”Width of toggle box”]Site Sponsorship includes the Footer Ad that appears on all pages site wide, Menu Ad, and 10 Small Leader Ads that rotate through all LIVE, MEET, LEARN, SHOP Front Pages, Article Archive Pages, and Post Archive Pages.


[toggle_box title=”Network Sponsorship” width=”Width of toggle box”]Network Sponsorship includes the same Site Sponsorship options, but it also includes premium banner ad visibility in Smallisimo Classifieds, Smallisimo Almost Real Estate Premium, Smallisimo Auctions, and Smallisimo Virtual Show.


[toggle_box title=”Smallisimo miniMASTERS Program” width=”Width of toggle box”]

The beauty of our small world is the depth and breadth of the endless possibilities to be expressed in scale. Smallisimo Mini Masters is an effort to bring exclusive products and tutorials from the most innovative, skilled miniaturists around the world. The artisan provides the design and manufacturing, and Smallisimo handles the branding and marketing. The end result is a series of products that are sold exclusively on The revenue is shared, and a portion of the Smallisimo proceeds goes to fund our smallGESTURES Youth Initiative to inspire young people and get them involved in dollhouse miniatures.



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