On March 14, 2014, Gwen hired me to work with her at Smallisimo. I had a pretty good idea of what my job would be, but little did I know (pun intended) that my world would change so dramatically, so fast, over such tiny little things. Gwen’s enthusiasm for the mini world can be seen in her gorgeous eyes and amazing smile (via Skype) and heard in her voice as she describes all the things that the mini world means to her. I was happy to see that she was so excited about all this because, well, this is her business and she should be excited. It’s nice to work with someone who really loves what they’re doing.

Now comes the part that I didn’t know would happen when I was hired.

Within the first week, Gwen infected me with the highly contagious and always fatal Miniaturous Cantavoidit Itsinyourbloodous Virus. The thing is, she gave me no warning. She just did it. I know she knew what she was doing. She is pretty and nice, but this dark side of hers…she knew exactly what would happen to me, and she did not care.

But enough about Gwen. This post is all about me.

In my case, Gwen infected me with the Mini Virus as it’s known in certain circles. Automatically it got into my monitor,  jumped out at me, and BIT me right on the back of my left earlobe. Once bitten, you may as well kiss your butt goodbye because you are now afflicted with the disease, and there is no cure.

After a few days of working with Gwen, I mentioned to her that I love to quilt. She literally gasped. She started telling me about the mini quilts she’s seen and how incredible they are, and while listening to her, I Googled “miniature quilts.” I was shocked and excited and in awe of what I found. There really ARE miniature quilts, and guess what? I was gasping too!  I was already thinking that I could do that. I could make a mini quilt. So, I did. That night. And here is what I made.

Chris's First Attempt

I know my quilt and the tiny pillows aren’t perfect or fancy or very creative, and I have a long way to go to make the kind of mini quilts I have floating around in my head, but I’ll get there. Why? Because I have the Mini Virus. Thanks to Gwen.

I’m so happy to be working with Smallisimo (despite what Gwen did to me…HA!), and I look forward every day to the next new thing I will discover in this miniature world.





4 thoughts on “INTRODUCING SIZE DOES MATTER BLOG | I’m a Newbie

  1. Hallo Chris …and welcome to the “real” world…your life will never be the same again….but in a very good way. As you are discovering it is a world filled with lovely people and oh so many talents and craftiness that can be attempted in mini that you would never have the time, money or space to achieve in the big wide world…as for me in my “real” world I am a property developer,couture dressmaker, upholsterer, cabinet maker, artist, painter and decorator, electrician, and interior designer and I’m having so, so much fun!

    1. Hi Catherine – Thanks for the warm welcome! You are spot on about the lovely people and the talented and crafty people (crafty in a good way – HA!) in this little world. Everyone is being so nice to me and that just makes me smile out loud. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Chris and welcome to “the club”. I’ve been afflicted with the miniature virus for many decades now and couldn’t be happier.

    I love your miniature quilt — it’s very bright and colorful and I predict that soon you’ll be creating a roombox — or dollhouse — for it. It’s the unavoidable progression of the ‘disease’. 😉

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog and following your newbie adventures. We were all newbies once and in many ways, still are, no matter how long we’ve been at it because there’s always something new to learn!

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Whimsy! I’ve got an idea for a room box AND I haven’t seen one like I have in mind ANYWHERE on the net but it’s going to take a lot of thought, time, and money. I have the thoughts and the time, but…you know. 🙂 Thanks for the nice words about my quilt but maybe in my next post I can show you one that I just finished.

      I just love this mini world!

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