BLOG | Sharing the Love of Mothers and Minis

There is no better time in the year than Mother’s Day to show our love and appreciation for the mother or mother figure in our lives. Mothers are amazing because they love, encourage, and nurture us in some way, every day. And in the spirit of Mother’s Day, we are celebrating Dia C. and her daughters, Kate and Polly, from Georgia who spend time together through a mutual love of miniatures.

Dia enjoyed scale miniatures as a child, but hadn’t been involved in the hobby for many years until Dia’s husband bought her a dollhouse kit. This was 20 years ago, and Dia has been making miniatures ever since. She started out building miniatures from kits and eventually made the transition to creating dollhouse miniatures from scratch. When her daughters were babies, miniature making was put on hold, but now Kate, 10, and Polly, 5, are interested in miniatures. So, Dia has been sharing her knowledge and passion for dollhouse miniatures with her daughters. Both Dia and Kate are members of Atlanta Miniature Society, and when Polly is old enough, she will be a member too.

Dia and her daughters are currently working on their club project, a large display box. Kate plans to create a palace room box, while Polly wants to create a room box scene from the Disney Pixar movie Frozen. What does Dia plan to do with her miniature room box? She hasn’t quite figured it out, but she has some really great ideas like a treehouse or something neat inspired by a children’s book. Dia’s love for scale miniatures prompted her to start a girls mini club in the town where she and her daughters live. The girls mini club is currently working on miniature dollhouse dish gardens.

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