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It’s only been a few months since I’ve been paying real attention to all things miniature. I thought that I was going to be immersed in creating marketing strategies for small business owners (business owners of small things this time), and that is how the whole thing started. In order to know what strategies would work I, of course, had to meet the artisans and store owners that I would be doing the marketing strategies for. And that sent me down a road I never imagined.

I thought if I can fall in love with this world of miniatures, than I am certainly not the only one…In quite short order I was looking at pictures of these beautiful treasures. Artisans from everywhere – France and Spain and Japan. Each picture amazed me more than the last. I couldn’t believe it! I started creating small spaces in my head and designing a piece of art to hang on my wall full of room boxes. What was going on? I became completely entrenched with all things miniature, and I couldn’t stop myself.

I thought if I can fall in love with this world of miniatures, than I am certainly not the only one, and I enlisted the help of my friends and family to do some research. The idea behind Smallisimo is to expose the world of miniatures to a new group of people, so in my small section of the world, I did. The looks that I would get when I explained what I was working on were sure interesting, indeed, comical. No one knew what I was talking about. After a quick explaination, I received still, more blank stares. And then I would bring out the evidence, my numerous pictures that I had collected in my miniature research, and without fail the confusion changed to awe. It would only take a few pictures before my test subjects would be asking questions about the miniatures and begin sharing the amazement of the craftsmanship and beauty. Perfect! Smallisimo was going to work! It was not just the many collectors from all around the world that cared about this. A new group could definietly be cultivated.

And so I continue to research, and become increasingly enamored with small things, but more importantly I have begun to admire the people who have loved this industry for many years already. It has been amazing to meet artisans from all over the world and collectors who are so willing to share their homes and small treasures with me. I am inspired beyond measure to do great work for all of them and round up the next generation of new fans of this marvelous industry.

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