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At some point near the end of 2012 my mini hysteria went to my brain, and I had what I believe now was a “seizure” of sorts. It was that moment when I saw a “problem” that I felt compelled to solve, and like a moth to a flame, I headed toward the light. After thousands of hours of intense, constant, seemingly endless work to design, produce, promote and fund, I can see the finish line.

When we started this journey, it was deceptively close, and as we shared our idea, we were greeted with relief, excitement, gratitude and more. We had to do this, and we were propelled forward by the positive energy we encountered! We initially described Smallisimo as the Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Facebook of miniatures. Web developers told us it was too big, and they declined to even bid on it. Our feeble to non-existent web skills were not going to do the trick. Undaunted, we pressed on spending countless hours perched in front of our laptops…Googling ourselves into a frenzy.

We have travelled the country–from Atlanta to Vegas to Chicago to Kentucky and Los Angeles by plane and car on a very thin shoestring. Our paths have crossed some of the pillars of the industry. We have enlisted our husbands, children, parents, friends, business associates, even strangers to research, post, write, contribute…anything to get it done. It is the kind of process that makes you fearless…and tired. How much can the brain take? How many times are we going to miss our launch dates? How long is it going to be before we actually finish? Will we ever? And after passing out in a mental and emotional desert of shear exhaustion, somehow we found water to quench our thirst and a shot of adrenaline and determination and stubbornness to pull it together and dare another obstacle to defy us. Do you hear the choir singing? Because is “there”.

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  1. Dear exciting and how exhausted you must be!….I am a new miniaturist having taken up a long awaited desire to fulfil my creative couture calling in miniature…I hope that Smallismo will be the right place for me to market my services and will look forward to being with you from the start of something so special…thankyou for all your hard work!

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